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What Do Travel Journals and Dog Poop Bag Holders Have in Common?

by Shannon Gillette on April 29, 2022

What DO travel journals and dog poop bag holders have in common??

Well they are both essential for camping.  

Let's take the journals first.  How many times have you wished you had taken notes about a certain campground?  Trying to remember where you were that had the janky sewer hook ups or where was it that had that cool scavenger hunt for the kids can be overwhelming.  These pocket sized journals make it easy to jot down all the things your want to remember.  Click here to shop the collection.

Mini Travel Journals

They come in this cute camper snap style as well as this RV snap style

Or, they are great for making the dreaded list on the last day of camp of the items you need to restock in the camper before the next trip.  Or, they can be used to make a pre camping trip check lists and packing lists... the uses are endless.

They are also available in this envelope snap closure style

Now for the dog poop bag holders.  Cleaning up after the pups is just one of those things that you have to do.  it isn't a fun chore, but a chore nonetheless.  With these adorable poop bag holders, striking up a conversation with your camping neighbor while holding a bag of poop is a bit less embarassing.  People always comment on the cute bag holder, averting their attention from the poop itself!

So many different breeds and colors to choose from.  Click here to see them all.