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Walleye Park Lake Cypress Springs Mt Pleasant Texas

by Shannon Gillette on April 01, 2022

Last weekend we camped at Walleye Park on Lake Cypress Springs.  If I had to sum up the campground in one word.  It would be Peaceful.  

Our site (#69) was on a point with lots of space, right on the water.  The campground has a dock between each camping site.  Had a great spot to watch the sunrise each morning.

We had heard about a great pie shop nearby in Winnsboro and had to check it out.  We preordered 2 pies to pick up on Saturday morning.  Y'all!  If you are ever in the area, you need to visit Ganny's Pie Shop.  It's a little building on the side of the road, but it was like walking into your mom's kitchen in the 1960s and 1970s.  Even had avacado green appliances.  45 minutes later we left with 3 (one more than the original 2 ordered) pies, an autographed cookbook and aching sides from laughing so hard.  And the pies were darn good too.

Ganny's Pie Shop Winnsboro Tx

Walleye Park is a great place to fish or just to sit around the campfire and relax.  It is very close to Bob Sandlin State Park, so we took a drive over there to check it out. That night we cooked some awesome hobo dinners.  They were filled with chicken stuffing, chicken, broccoli, onions, bacon, cheese and ranch dressing.  Yum.

Cheesy Chicken Ranch Hobo Dinners on the grill

We finished off the evenings with some delicious pineapple margaritas that were to die for.

Pineapple margaritas

All in all, it was a fabulous trip and we will be going back for sure.  There was a blue heron that visited every morning too.  On a side note we need see some other unexpected wildlife.....

Camels near Walleye ParkBig Foot near Walleye Park