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Top 5 Reasons to Subscribe to the Camper Sweet Camper Subscription Box

by Shannon Gillette on February 03, 2022

Here are our top five reasons to join the Camper Sweet Camper Subscription Box.

  • Number 1 - Finding fun, functional camper decor can be difficult.  Everything at the big box stores is so utilitarian looking... or camo
  • Number 2 -  We understand storage is your primary concern.  We create all of our subscription box content with that in mind.
  • Number 3 -  The hand crafted items in our subscription box are exclusive for our subscribers.  You won't find these exact items anywhere else.
  • Number 4 - Everyone loves a surprise. Knowing that the items are going to be fabulous makes the anticipation so exciting.
  • Number 5 -  Everything is delivered to your door each month!!  Sing up once and done.  (Of course you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time)

Until next week... happy camping.

Shannon and Nancy