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Camper Bathroom Decor - Camper Sweet Camper Subscription Box Reveal

by Shannon Gillette on May 13, 2022

The May Camper Sweet Camper Subscription Box was all about the bathroom!

It was so jammed packed full of goodies, that we had to use a larger box than usual.  

May Camper Sweet Camper Subscription Box

We like to keep a seperate set of towels for the camper, but sometimes, remembering which ones are camp towels and which ones are home towels can get confusing.  So we monogrammed this set with "Yours', "Mine" and 'Ours' to make them easy to spot when do laundry.  The set includes to full size bath towels and a hand towel.

Camp Towel  Set

Then we stitched this great tote bag.  It is perfect for trips to the shower while camping.  You can put your towels, clothes and all the things you need in this "Adventure Awaits'  tote bag.  If you don't have to make the trek to the campground facilities, the bag has so many other uses.  it's a great grocery bag, extra clothes storage or just extra storage in general.

May Advenerture Awaits Tote Bag


We also included this handy soap bag.  Easy to hand on a water proof command hook in your shower.

Soap Bag

And of course we included a camping recipe card and a post card.

Next month's box theme is "Star Spangled"