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6 CHEAP But Effective Camper Hacks

by Shannon Gillette on February 11, 2022

Hey Happy Campers,

We have all seen the social media memes that poke fun at camping being the only passtime that costs thousands of dollars to live like a homeless person...but we must admit there is a grain of truth in that statement.

So like many of you, I have spent hours surfing the internet in search of cheap but effective camper hacks.

Here are 6 of my favorites.

It's all the loose stuff that drives me crazy.  Glamperlife.com suggests grabbing these plastic eye glass cases from the Dollar Store to store all of your device chargers.  You could even get them in multiple colors to color code them for your families needs.

Let's face it, public picnic tables are gross.  And trying to keep a tablecloth on it is almost impossible.  DoItYourselRV.com had the great idea of using a twin size fitted sheet.  The elastic corners keep it on the table.  A standard picnic table is 72" x 29" and a twin fitted sheet is 75" x 35".  Perfect!

Cooking out is one of our favorite parts about camping....dealing with all the different sizes and shapes of spice containers is one of our least favorite things.  Using empty TicTac mint containers is the solution that Hip2Save.com came up with.  They are small, compact and stack well.  Of course, you would want to wash them first, because no one wants wintergreen flavored garlic salt.

Novelty outdoor string lights are always a fun touch, but can be a pain to hang. Using badge reel clips, like RVShare.com did, to attach them to your awning makes it much easier.

GoTravelTrailer.com had two fun hacks that I thought were worth passing on.

First, I have seen several people use a tension curtain rod in their shower to hang up wet towels and clothes.  Using these shower curtain rings with the clips takes it one step further.  Easy storage for all of your toiletries.

And lastly, going verticle is the answer to storage in small spaces.  Using these inexpensive magazine holders to store plastic wrap and foil is a perfect solution.


We hope you found some of these tips helpful.  Until next time,

Shannon and Nancy